Our specialist services include:

At Eastern Hydraulics (Pty) Ltd we supply, repair, manufacture and design the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Water pumps
  • Water cylinders
  • Air cylinders
  • Wheel motors
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Pneumatic cylinders

Plant and Equipment

We are fully computerized using Forward ERP for our accounting requirements and Autocad for all our drawing needs.

Special purpose designed test rigs are able to carry out a complete range of tests and simulate many of the operating conditions experienced in the day to day work place.

Water pump test facilities, fully computerized, and consisting of:

  • A water test reservoir from which both external and submersible pumps can pump clean water through either a 4 or 6 inch pipeline according to the pump size.
  • Within the pipeline, wafer type butterfly control valves are installed to restrict water flow simulating different flow rates.
  • The flow rate is measured by high accuracy rotary flow meters with pulse outputs. The pulses are converted to analog signals by accurate flow rate converters. At the same time pressure gauges with a range of 0 – 200m Head (4” line) and 0 – 300 m Head (6” line) and analog output signals constantly measures the Head generated by the pump along the different flow rates.
    Input Voltages are controlled by Voltage selectors fed from a high voltage transformer able to supply 380/500/1000V up to 300 Amps.
  • An analog device translates all these values and sends it to a computer system where the readings are displayed and recorded. After a test the computer calculates the graphs and compares them to the OEM Specification.
  • The System is fully automatic and decides the test result without supervisor interference so that results are constant and cannot be modified.
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